The future of transportation – Self-Driving Cars, Hyperloop and sex



The premise of the article Sex distracted Driving on the rise is that more and more people will use the spare time and energy of level 3 and 4 self-driving cars to perform sexual activities.  Whether this is frequent enough to measurably increase the death or accident rate I think is highly suspect however it presumes that self-driving is going to be prominent soon and there is a part of me that seriously questions aspects of this.

One can hardly find more excited and optimistic person about technology and Elon Musk’s ventures and vision than me.   I have been writing about the future of technology for a long time and building that future but I know there are also limits.

First I will talk about self-driving cars and the problems and path to the future.  Then I will talk about Hyperloop.  Hyperloop is important as you will see because…

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