Agile Stacks

Agile Stacks is coming to TechXLR8 in London June 13-15.

We are having a party!  Come get some libations and food and let’s catchup in one of the most savvy cities in the world.  I want to tell you about my new company Agile Stacks and what we are doing to let you focus on your core value and less on how to build reliable, scalable, secure services in the cloud.
Agile Stacks has amassed world experts on container technology, enterprise architecture, cloud automation and secure DevOps to provide out of the box non-opinionated automation using the best and most popular open source components.

If you are coming to TechXLR8 in London we can meet you in person either at an event we are hosting or one on one.

If you aren’t in London that week you can still set up a time to talk below.

Our party is on the evening (5pm) of the 15th of June (Let us know here).  Go to the site and register so we can make sure to get you the room number and have enough food.

If you would prefer to meet one on one you can go here and we will set up a time with you.

If you aren’t coming to TechXLR8 but you still want to chat please request a meeting here.

Either way, I hope we talk soon.
The Meetup is at the Excel London.  Please register here  so I can send you the room information.


CEO, Agile Stacks, Inc


Topics: DevOps as a Service


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